DZ 10: Info Diet

Snowmageddon 2016 hits, my neighbors try to gangbang me, and I realize that I’m filling my head with too much crap for my own good.  Time to turn off the 18 tabs of porn, or at least just reduce it to 2 tabs or something.

DZ 09: Havin’ a Golden Shower

Phil brought a bottle of Goldschlager(alcohol) to the podcast for a grand old time.  Things get pretty weird, though, once the liquor gets flowing so before you dive into this one just be warned, we are not completely sober.

Whether that makes it funny or completely tweet-my-anger-and-never-listen-again bad is still being debated.

heh, it was fun.

DZ 08: Kayye in the House!

Kayye joins us in the Danger Zone today to make some sweet, sweet music with the musically inept Elbert.  Kayye is a very talented musical artist out of the DMV area and he’s here to share some talk about the grind.

The song featured at the beginning and end of the episode is called “Put It Me (Get em High) Prod by Martianz and Kenny P.”

Here’s a link to his soundcloud:

Also catch him on FB:

DZ 07: Image Above Me

Elbert digs deep in this solo-cast by pushing past anxiety in order to examine the whole idea of image, and how pervasive and petrifying it is for connecting with other human beings during the age of social media.

What masks do we put on?  And is it okay for men to cry? (definitely not)

Next week we’ll be joined by rapper friend, Kerry or Kayye215.  The track at the end is “Put It On Me” -Kayye215

Check out is soundcloud here:

DZ 06: Worst Generation, Ever

Today, Elbert is joined by blogger friend Angela to discuss her two blogs:  PosCasts and Asian on the Outside.  Things get deep, weird, and all around pretty offensive in this hour long broadcast. Somebody please let the Asian leads in Hollywood get their penis touched!  PLEASE

Her blogs can be found here:

Angela’s instagram @asianontheoutside

DZ 05: In 2016 I Will (Blank)

Elbert ushers in the holiday season by debunking Asian Santa, New Years Resolutions and discussing the future of the podcast and himself.

Next week, we’ll be joined by blogger friend, Angela, as we discuss her to blogs and shoot the shit.

Her blogs:

DZ 04: Asian Invasion 2016

Today, the Danger Zone is graced with the presence of Phil, fellow coworker and know-it-all of random facts of Asia.  In this episode, the two follow the yellow brick road (pun intended) and talk about Asian pride, the good old days of Model United Nations, and the baller machinations of North Korea.

Danger Zone Podcast Episode 03: I Dream of Space

Today we’re joined with Elbert’s close friend Sang as they discuss the American Dream, childhood aspirations, and SPACE.  What do you know about astronauts?  And, what do you know about Star Wars?

Danger Zone Podcast Episode 02: I Wish I Could Do That, Too

In this episode I focus my rambled thoughts on traveling and all the danger that goes with it.  This includes weird encounters abroad, ping pong ball shows, and many topics for the lady friends.

Check it out on youtube if that suits you better:

And catch me on twitter: @elbertdangerkim

DZ 01: Welcome Back, Yes He’s Back

Episode 1 of the Danger Zone podcast!  This one was just to get an episode out there, hopefully it’ll get better… hopefully.

An introduction to the podcast filled with cursing, weird anecdotes, and disorganized everything.  Enjoy.